This is what i've been doing for some time, all 90, one is geared good, one is geared enough, just waiting for a trinket to drop... it hasnt dropped since launch of lei shen ... the rest is average geared, exept my newly dinged hunter.
Win for 4vs1 in horde/alliance?^^

I finally felt like updating this site, honestly the guide still works what i know of, might look into them and check later on.

Been playing som SWTOR also, and i rly think that blizz should consider copying some things from swtor, but swtors controlls were quite bad, that's why i stick to wow.

the last image is a cowards way to play arena, that priest up there were immune to all we did to her, and the dk m8 were unable to get her down, and the wave didnt do it's job.. we lost that fight.

And last word: NERF LOCKS
can't kill em with any of these.

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