What in the world do i play?
I mainly play pvp and then pve when i need a special item that boosts my playstyle.
So let's se..
Faction - Race - Class - Spec- Reason

Sorted by resent activity:

Alliance Human
Rogue Combat

Honestly i can't play sub/ assassin, been playing combat for all the time he lived (cata)
Combat is really powerful but there are classes we just cannot do a damn think to.
and those is listed impossible(I) - mabye(M) once

I-Warlock - any spec - never in a lifetime.
I-Priest - disc not even in cont gear.. one fear and they are reset.
I-Blood dk. haha he's a tank.. no unholy is also a big nono, they go blood pres and go wtf mode nowadays.
I-Prot paladin, as i have played protadin a long time, they can't kill me, why would i be able to kill one myself? sure i know how they work, still not possible as combat, we do to much white dmg.
M-Holydin, rly only depends on gear and luck, if they early bubble and u get mass procs and bring him low and then use KS to finnish him off, then yes mabye.
M-Monks WW, if they cant hit their stuns or burst like a real monk, y but if they can, no just run m8
MW, Same there, i acctually Ks thru his spins killing him after 1.5. that's a strong ability for us to do.
BM, yes and no

Rest classes are doable

Horde Troll
Druid Boomkin

Reason, well i already have a rogue so^^ and starsurge procs are fun. but i'm on a break from him until i got my trinket, until that.. and arena i play, i die instantly, not fun.. sure i may suck at it but every class kills me like nothing, just as i kill a boomie with any class..

Orc Monk

Brewmaster because i never rly mastered WW and i love to just roll into shit saying haha kill me fuckers! they do eventually but it's still fun! i played MW as u will know if u read more in here, but in 5.1 they were rly bad in pvp, now they are sick! may consider reroll MW

Horde Blood Elf
Paladin Prot/holy

I still stick to prot, with hope for the return of my cata strenght, gloryful days, but honestly they are nerfed hard.. i do play some Holy so i can play arena with her, honestly who want's to go arena with an prot^^ 4 pvp items including typa wep was what was needed to get 1550 achieve... so op my monk in 5,1 never made it to 1500 we were soo close!

Horde Goblin
Huntard MM

Reason is simple
AB + powershot + push fire trap = Trolling LM <3
I need no gear for that^^

That was it!

Back to wow!, leveling my main the shaman nuwn or practise in BG on my rogue, we will se!

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